Saturday, 31 January 2004


I'm new at this so it may be boring or sometimes downright stupid. I'm a transplanted Kentuckian, living in New Jersey. Even though I've lived in NJ longer than I lived in the "tri-state area", which includes Southern Indiana, where I also lived, I still am not used to NJ. In fact, I wanna go "home".... My mom and my oldest daughter live in the Louisville area and when I visit, I'm home. I feel comfortable there. Living in New Jersey is tough. People here don't seem to be as friendly. They're great at small talk and I'm not. Guess that's why I've not got any real "friends" here. Tried volunteer work, church stuff. Nothinng seems to click. Not that I had a lot of friends in Kentucky either, but it was easier to talk to people....But anyway, I'm here and guess I'm stuck here until the final days - or mine at least. I'll try to be more interesting and less self-centered next time. :-)

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